Which superfoods help to enhance the features of sperms? What to avoid?

Which superfoods help to enhance the features of sperms? What to avoid?
Which superfoods help to enhance the features of sperms? What to avoid?

Are you going to plan a baby soon? Then preparations are a must. Both the mating partners should change their lifestyle and switch to healthy habits before attempting for conception as suggested by the utility experts of the best IVF centre in Punjab. Usually, couples who cannot conceive naturally opt up for IVF. The preliminary thing which comes to their mind is ‘Will I afford the test tube baby cost?’ You need not worry since your happiness and money cannot be weighed on the same scale.


So in this topic, we shall be shedding some light on how the quality and the quantity of the sperms can be increased.


What do doctors say?

Doctors usually believe in natural ways to increase sperm count. If the natural ways do not show up the desired results, then only the doctor would take the medication and the therapies into account.


What to EAT?


Important point

First of all, you must eat a balanced diet. Your food should contain all the items which are necessary for strengthening immunity and enhancing reproductive capabilities. For that, usually, the consumption of nuts is suggested.


Findings of the study

According to recent researches, it has been found out that if males consume the following nuts daily since their childhood, then they can never suffer from any fertility problem:

●       Walnuts

●       Almonds

●       Hazelnuts



●       Fishes

The fishes are a good source of Omega-3. Following are the varieties of the fishes which the couples should include in their daily diet whenever they are planning for the conception:

❖      Salmon

❖      Herring

❖      Mackerel

❖      Sardines


Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils are responsible for guarding our body against harmful toxins. So if that happens, then the quality of the sperms will naturally be maintained and the count will be increased.


Do you know?

The consumption of walnuts is significantly good for the sperms. These are full of antioxidants, minerals and omega-3. These are best to consume as far as the health of the sperms is concerned.


●       Green Tea and the red wine

Green tea and red wine are good sources to meet the deficiency of the vitamins, as these are rich in Vitamin A, B, D and E. Not only that but these are also considered as one of the superfoods as these are rich in antioxidants.



If you are planning for a family in the following year, then start the intake of the nuts this year, so that the good sperm could be produced.



●       Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate helps to enhance the morphology of the sperms. So it is suggested to intake that twice a week as it is also full of antioxidants.


Avoidance is the key!

No doubt, the consumption of the above mentioned is important. But apart from that, there are things which are to be completely avoided like the completion of the processed meats like the cold cuts & sausages and alcohol.