Dry Shaving vs. Wet Shaving: What’s The Difference?

Dry Shaving vs. Wet Shaving: What’s The Difference?
Choose a straight razor or the best shaver for men, you need to prepare your skin with water and shaving cream.

Life is full of preferences, just like drinking coffee or not drinking milk, most people will choose the other side when shaving. But deciding whether to use wet or dry is more complicated than a simple taste test. Fortunately, we have completed all the research for you, which mean you can weigh each method's advantages and disadvantages without spending extra effort.

Before making any major decisions, it is important to understand your choices accurately:

Dry Shaving

As the name indicates, in that we do not use water, any gel or cream when shaving dry. However, it does not indicate that you can use any old traditional razor to shave your skin without knowing better. During the dry shaving it should be important to use an electric shaver specially designed for the task. In this way, you can avoid inflammation by trimming facial hair effectively above the skin's surface.

Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is something which known as traditional Shaving known and familiar to everyone. Whether you choose a straight razor or the best shaver for men, you need to prepare your skin with water and shaving cream. This helps keep each hair away from the skin and thus closer to the hair.

Is it bad to dry shave?

Designing water for dry shaving with a razor is a bad idea. Your skin will feel discomfort, and you may experience sensitive redness, redness and ingrown hair. However, dry shaving with a dedicated electric head and face shaver is not harmful to your skin. It is a technique used and recommended by many people. Is it better to dry shave or wet shave?

No razor fits all sizes, which means there is no simple answer to this question. When determining what is right for you, please consider the following:

A smooth finish

If making your face silky smooth is your top priority, then a wet shave will bring you these effects. Since the razor can cut each hair closer to the skin, your face will become softer. Moreover, this razor has super staying power, allowing you to wait longer before picking up the razor again. Wet shaving can even help you exfoliate, allowing you to give up the scrub while still getting a fresh, reproducible final result.


Although shaving with traditional razors is doomed to be a disaster, electric razors can actually bring minimal irritation when used on dry skin. Indeed, your skin will not be so smooth, but the comfort level may be improved. When the hair resumes growth after a wet shave, it will feel tingling and cause itching and irritation. Wet shaving also means that your blade is in direct contact with your skin, which can be a problem for people with sensitive skin. An electric shaver can prevent your skin from directly touching its blade, resulting in a more comfortable finish. They can even protect you from regeneration, so even if you have to shave more often, there are few complaints between the two.


Dry shaving is a pretty quick in comparison of wet shaving. We do not require preparing the skin and then rinse it. If you usually have a short time in the morning, it may be worth buying an electric shaver for dry shaving without unnecessary (painful) consequences. If you want to have some options and still want a smooth shaving effect on special occasions, buying a multifunctional tool that combines these two functions may give you the best of both worlds.


Electric shavers require a lot of investment and are expensive for anyone accustomed to buying blade shavers due to their upfront costs. However, over time, blade razors' cost may increase because you have to change the blades more frequently, and electric shavers can last for one year without changing the blades.


Traditional shavers and blade shavers can actually only do one thing, but electric shavers are usually designed as multi-functional and multi-functional trimming tools. Many models include trimmer attachments and various ergonomic features to make sculpting facial hair a breeze. If you want to keep things simple, stick to the razor you know and love, but if you are the kind of person who occasionally grows a beard, an electric razor may provide you with the flexibility you need.