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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Why is grilled cheese sandwich famous? Which cooking technique to use?

Why is grilled cheese sandwich famous? Which cooking technique to use?

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Mon, Jun 21, 21, 11:31, 8 Months ago
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Why is grilled cheese sandwich famous? Which cooking technique to use?

Nobody can rejoice in the flavours of the coffee if it does not have any accompaniments with it. According to the baristas of the famous coffee shop in Sydney, “ Whenever the customer visits any cafe in Sydney, they tend to order either the sweet delights like the cookies, doughnuts and the bagels or they order sandwiches if they want to satisfy their hunger.” Usually, the grilled cheese sandwich is the first choice of the customers.


So as you might have guessed that today's article is going to be all about the grilled cheese sandwich. So are you ready?


Why is it famous?

These sandwiches are famous because of the grilling of the cheese before getting included on the toasted bread. With the inclusion of the raw tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, chillies and the grilled sausages, the overall flavour of the sandwich comes out even more unified.


So are you ready to know about the recipe?

For making the wholesome flavoured grilled cheese sandwich, you will need the following ingredients:



●       Soft sesame sandwich roll

●       Softened butter

●       Sausage

●       Sheep milk kasseri cheese

●       Sour pickle spears

●       Pickled hot peppers,

●       Roma tomato





You are required to slice out the bread in halves. Once done, then cover the inner surface with butter.



It’s time to heat the girdle or the cast iron skillet. Make sure that you are heating it on medium flame. After heating, then grill the bread, but make sure that the side on which you have applied butter should be placed on the surface of the grill. Keep grilling until it becomes nicely crunchy and golden brown.



Now prepare the filling for the sandwich. make sure, you are not putting anything raw in the sandwich. It should be either properly or partially cooked. For example: If you like to put sausages in your sandwich, then before placing them in the sandwich, make sure you are cooking temp nicely for about 3 minutes.



Once the sausages are prepared, then place them in the soft sandwich sesame roll. Also, take care that you are placing it in the bottom half.


Do you know?

The sausage grease is responsible for preventing the Kasseri from sticking.



Make sure that the Kasseri cheese is placed directly in the girdle. It will allow the cheese to melt down. Use the metal spatula when the cheese has nicely melted. After frying it for 3 minutes, lift the chicken and place it on the sandwich ( over the sausages).



Toppings can be of your choice. Make sure that you are topping it nicely with the vegetables like Roma tomatoes, mayo, pickles, cucumbers etc.


Try the healthy version out!

Do not miss this variety of sandwich. This is sure to catch your fancy. If you don't like to get bothered with the cumbersome preparation at home, then consider ordering it from outside. But I must try!



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