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Monday, November 29, 2021
Reduce 3ds Max File Size and Open File Time

Reduce 3ds Max File Size and Open File Time

Mon, Jul 6, 20, 09:40, 1 Year ago
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You will learn in this short topic, how to reduce 3ds Max file size, Merge, and save file time. I hope this tip will be useful.

When we work on a big project file on 3ds Max and merge so many models from different libraries. Some models can affect our files if it’s not optimized well, or if already there is a hidden track in that models, this can make our 3d Max file bigger and increase save file time. I struggled always with this issue before. Recently I found a script in my folder and I test it on one of my old heavy files, the result was unbelievable. Since that time I use this script with any model before I merge it into my scene. I would like to share with you the Test results before and after using this script.

  • open Max file time was 5:35 min before, then after using the Script time reduced to 0:46 min only, Wow.
  • Merge file time reduced from 6:02 min to 0:34 min only.

The big surprise was with file size. The file size decreased from 1,4 Gb to 434 Mb.

Notice: This script can affect each 3d Max file in different ways, depend on how many Note-Tracks and errors inside that file.

Click here to Download Script

How to use the script to reduce 3ds Max file size:

Open the heavy file, then for 3ds Max 2020 or any other version do the following:
Scripting Menu –> run the script –> and select our Script

Notice how file size is decreased, and save file time as well. if there are no big changes happened, it's mean your file is already healthy, and not required any script.

I really apologize to not mention the developer name for this fantastic Script, I just found the script inside an old folder without any other details.
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